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Event Management Platform for Universities and Institutes

Event Management Platform for Universities and Institutes: SPARK shines with Integration to Digilocker.

Spark – India’s first Event Management Platform for Universities and Institutes, now in Integration with Digilocker!

Spark, an Event Management platform for Universities and Educational Institutions developed by Meark Enterprise Private Limited facilitates conduct of events such as sports, culturals, technical symposiums, workshops etc.Sparks enables announcement of event, registration for the event, shortlist and invitation for event, generation of event ID cards, conduct of event through its various stages, update of event highlights and grant of certificates to winners and participants.

While the University/Institutes benefit from effectively management and communication of the event and transparency, the Spark platform enables participants to get updates online, plan participation without hassles and get to have their certificates available in Digilocker.The system integrates with Digilocker to provide for the following features:

  1. During registration/enrolment for events, participants can link any required document from Digilocker. Alternatively, post registration as well, update of participant profile allows the user to link their profile with Digilocker.
  2. Digilocker linked with Aadhaar also ensures enrolled users are validated automatically during enrolment.
  3. Each member of a team of participants, additional members for individual events, on the spot registration of members for events can also link their Digilocker account.
  4. Certificates issued for events such as Certificate of Winning, Certificate of Participation, Certificate of Excellence etc. will be linked to the Digilocker account by the issuing authority (University/Institution). These certificates can later be used by the participants/ students to claim incentive marks form their institutions, by proving the authenticity of the document easily with Digilocker verification.

Process Flow depicting Spark leveraging Digilocker for Registration and Login:

Process Flow depicting Spark leveraging Digilocker for Additional Member addition for Event Participation and Certification:

Certificates issued in Digilocker helps meet the following requirements:

  1. Availability of Certificate in the National Academic Directory. No Cost to students for accessing NAD services.
  2. Easy access and Digilocker based verification of Certificate for providing Grace/Incentive marks based on the regulations of the University/ Institute granting the marks based on Level of Event.
  3. Leverage Digilocker for sharing Certificate with ability to validate authenticity of Certificates, while applying for Institutions for Higher Studies.
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