Email Management Services

For Private Organizations

Having a professional email id for organizations is significant for several reasons:

Branding: A professional email id that includes the organization's name creates a professional image and strengthens the organization's branding. It gives the impression that the organization is established and legitimate.

Credibility: Using a professional email id for communication adds credibility to the organization, especially when interacting with clients, vendors, or other businesses. It shows that the organization takes itself seriously and is committed to maintaining a professional image.

Security: Professional email ids often come with built-in security features such as spam filters and malware protection. Using a professional email id helps protect the organization from email-based cyber attacks.

Control: Organizations can maintain control over their email accounts by using professional email ids. They can set up policies and procedures for email usage, enforce compliance, and monitor email activity.

Efficiency: Using a professional email id helps to keep work-related communication separate from personal communication. It also makes it easier to organize and manage emails, reducing the risk of important messages being missed or lost.

Overall, having a professional email id for organizations is crucial in establishing a professional image, ensuring security, and improving efficiency in communication.

For Education Sector

Meark works with institutions in identifying the right email provider and enables the institute to manage the Email provisioning.

  • Meark engages with Universities and Institutes and facilitates purchase of domains form ERNET India. ERNET India is the exclusive domain registrar for the education and research domains registering the domains under the .in registry from 2005. It registers Domains at second and third level for, and zones. : Academic : Academic : Indian Research Institutes

  • Meark facilitates engagement with email providers for email subscriptions
  • Enables standards-based Email creation and management
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