File Management for SMEs – Meta-data Manager for Ease and Secure Files anytime, anywhere.

Fileark features allow for

  • Quick management of files in multiple formats (Scans, Upload, Links)
  • Link file to entities/people and define required file properties
  • Define retention policy of files
  • Access controlled file access
  • Configurable storage in multiple mediums (Local, Cloud, One Drive, Google Drive).

Client Scenario of HR Team of an Organization


Our files were stored in laptops of a few team members and it wasn’t clear to us if we maintained all mandatory files of our employees.


Fileark helps maintain and track files helping us manage the compliance needs better.

A HR team can configure filer to manage

  • Documents collected from candidates on educational qualification and experience.
  • Offer and increment, exit and other contracts letters and issued to the candidates.
  • Attendance records.
  • Policy records.

Client Scenario of a Fund Management Organization


A member of our customers identify documents and investment forms were maintained by us in folders. Each user organized the data in their own way.


Fileark implementation helps us manage the documents and also add properties about the file in a common way, yet restrict access to relevant users.

Client Scenario of a Food Services Organization


Quotes we provide to our clients were with different members of the sales team. We are often faced with the challenge of having an old quote in our repository leading to incorrect invoicing.


Maintaining all the quotes in Fileark enables us to identify the latest and the selected quotes, facilitating accuracy in invoicing.

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