Public Sector

Bring invention — innovation in the world of property tax assessment and collection!

We focus on process automations and efficiency metrics measuring staff-to-land parcels and staff-to-revenue ratios. By effectively bridging citizen concerns to be addressed by municipality by online facilitated drives along with our partners, collection rates are expected to climb by more than 5% in participating wards. The resulting efficiency and revenue gain in crores will allow the municipality corporation to do more for their jurisdiction and their taxpayers.

Our work in this space is aimed at building state capability by Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA). We leverage PDIA toolkit from the Center for International Development at Harvard University. PDIA, is a step-by-step approach which helps you break down problems into its root causes, identify entry points, search for possible solutions, take action, reflect upon what has been learned, adapt and then act again. It is a dynamic process with tight feedback loops that allows us to build solutions to problems that fits within the local context.

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