Risk and Insurance Curated Topics

World is changing fast. Rapidness of change is such, if organisations aren’t agile and resilient, they will perish. Multiples trends are playing out simultaneously. Huge data is available for crunching. It is important to be informed, analytical and wise to stay ahead in the game. As the commerce is changing, so is the need for Risk and insurance to change and be relevant.

Discernible long-term trends are

  • Irrevocable climate change – Its effect on NATCAT – Floods and Super cyclone in unexpected season’s and newer geographies
  • Move towards Green energy – Pressure on fossil fuel power plants and new age minerals powering the Green energy
  • EV’s, Autonomous vehicles with teething problems to start with but definite start towards new transportation models with attendant newer risks
  • Digitisation of economies, commerce and industry – Emergence of Gig force, Cloud, 5G, Cyberspace and Cyber crime
  • Dominance of social networks, their sway on masses, Opinion making tool to build a brand or loose reputation and so on…

Some Near term trends being

  • Stagflation of economies with attendant suffering of large no of nations
  • Slobelisation of the world with political and societal ramifications
  • Volatility of markets and its strain on balance sheets and so on…

To engage with your clients, you need to be updated on News, trends, regulations & analysis. We do a curated topic publishing on risk, insurance, regulation, economy and emerging things. It will be published as and when things emerge and you can expect a min of 50 per quarter.

Are you interested in this service for your organisation?

Get in touch with us, customise your need and we will deliver. You & your employees will have the tools to excel in client value creation. Increase your revenue with delighted customers on your deep insight.

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