Skillar – Skill, Place, Upskill

A Skilling, Placement and Career Progression Support Management System

PIA/ TP/ TC Automation with Job Outcome focus

An application for Training Partners to manage Scheme based trainings and organizational trainings.  Trainings are oriented towards developing new skills for acquiring jobs or becoming self-employed and upskill for career progression.

The system is outcome focused, ensuring there is engagement with industry stakeholders as required.  The system supports early engagement of industry stakeholders. It also supports Recruit Train and Deploy (RTD) as well.

The system enables ease of compliance in generating required forms and collecting relevant data that has to be furnished for the scheme and management.  The system also ensures alert setup based on the tranche payment deadlines for schemes, so you get to invoice and follow-up for payments at the right times.

Following are some of the salient features of the system:

  • Supports multiple trainers linking to batch and multiple assessments for a batch
  • Supports online component listing for Training program making it possible to track online program
  • Supports configurable attendance tracking – manual and biometric based.
  • The system can auto generate certificates for trainings conducted by the organization with required QR codes.
  • The system is integrated with digilocker enabling you to issue/validate the certificates to candidates via digilocker as well.
  • Enables build of profile and showcase of profile of the candidate from registration onwards, increasing the chances of industry recruitments
  • Enables online issue of job offers/conditional offers to candidates
  • Enables candidates apply for jobs posted by industry partners
  • Enables track placement of candidates as per defined duration in schemes

The trainers, operations, finance and management of the organization have access to manage their day to day activities and monitor progress.

The system is built for mobility, the candidate, mobilizer and industry partner can leverage the Progressive Web App in the mobile devices effectively and hence update data directly into the system.

Skillar ensures mobilization to placement to career progression lifecycle.

Note: While the complete framework is available, only parts of the framework has been developed as applications to cover for our immediate customer needs.

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