Events Management – Organize Sports, Cultural, Seminars, Conferences, Workshops.

Spark Event management solution facilitates conduct of events – Sports, Cultural, Seminars and Conferences.

Enables Citizen and Students

  • To register for open and shortlist-based events
  • View shortlist for entry to events
  • Pay fee for participation if applicable
  • Get ID for the event
  • Participate in single or team event
  • Follow the event plan and progress for various rounds of the event
  • Receive SMS and Email from event managers
  • View the winning participants and event happenings
  • Access Certificates Online

Client Scenario of a University conducting sports and cultural events.

Enables Event Managers

  • Publish Events online
  • View and select applicants from different organizations/institutions
  • View status of applicant payments for events
  • Generate ID cards for event
  • Organize various rounds for the event
  • Manage the progress of events and its multiple rounds
  • Record selection in each round
  • Record winners
  • Select Certification Template and generate Certificates


Every year our sports and cultural department conducts a festival for which data of registration is collected in emails, google forms and in hardcopy. The organization of the same has been a manual activity with communications in emails and notices. Often we are left with chaos and data not being available easily for consolidated reporting to the management during the progress of the event, as various events of festivals led by event managers, operate on their own schedules with clashes on participant timings at times.


Spark has helped us right from the process of publishing events, registering participants to conducting the event seamlessly, providing for daily progress and a consolidation of the festive. We are left wondering, what more would we need.

Spark for India:

Spark’s Indian version is integrated with Digilocker to facilitate event registration.

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