Stay and Schedule Booking Management System for Guest Houses and Halls.

Institutes have Guest houses, conference halls, auditorium, sports spaces, spaces that are made available for use by staff, other organizations and citizen. STARK enables efficient utilization of such spaces by facilitating booking and management of booking requirements of such spaces for use.

Based on the type of user and the purpose of use and the duration, the cost of the booking is predetermined. Given below is the feature list for various users.

  • Booking Users can be Public or Registered Users of the organization
    • View details and check availability
    • Make Booking Request with/without online payment
    • Variable pricing based on User Type
    • Receive Booking approvals by email/sms
    • Cancel Booking
  • Guest House Managers
    • Manage Guest House Room Type and Details
    • Define Charges per Room Type and Number of Guests
    • Room Condition – Active, Under Maintenance
    • Approve/ Reject Bookings made
    • Manage Check-in, consumption, Check-out details per room folio
    • Manage online and offline Payments
  • Venue Managers
    • Manage Venue Type and Venue Details
    • Define charges based on duration
    • Request additional free and paid facilities for the Venue

Client Scenario of a University

  • Challenge
    • No User based system for Booking Venues and Guest Houses, as only finance system is used for recoding transactions.
    • Lack of availability details with Public
    • Dependency on working hours and need for travel to visit and making booking manually with paper-based approval forms
    • Unable to market availability or leverage need to increase income based on booking
  •  Resolution
    • Detailed view of Guest House and Venue provided online with availability information for public
    • Providing facilitation for booking for additional free/paid services
    • Book anytime anywhere without visit
    • Transparency and Increased Revenue enabled by increased booking
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