For Whom?


What is taught?

Excel 101- Introduction to Excel

Working with Worksheets Ribbon Options, Basic Excel Features, Basic and Advance sorting and filters

Conditional Formatting

HighLight the Cell Rules, Top/Bottom Rules, Data Bars & Icon Sets

Functions and Formulas – Working with Logical and Arithmetic Operations

Logical Functions, Date functions, Text Functions, Financial Functions, Information Functions, Aggregate and subtotal functions

Analysing and Validating Data

Validating Data, Understanding Data Validation, Creating a Number Range Validation, Drop Down List

Data Consolidation

Consolidating Data from Tables, Grouping & Subtotals, Handling Validation and Messages

Data Management

Goal Seek, Data Table & Scenario Manager


Using the VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP Functions, Match & Index Functions

Pivot Table and Chart

Creating, Formatting  and Sorting Pivot Table, Grouping and Summarizing values, Working with Slicers and Timelines

Merging Excel

Merging Excel in PPT and Word

Mail Merge

Merging Ms. Excel with Ms. Word & OUTLOOK


Record & Run Macros


XLOOKUP to Two-way data search & Wildcard functions

Power Query

Data Management using multiple tables, sheets & files

Google Forms & Sheets

Creating & Sharing Google Forms & Sheets

Excel and Power BI Integration

Importing data from Excel into Power BI and cleaning up of data

DAX Measures and Formula

Working with DAX Formulas for display of desired data in reports

Data objects in Power BI

Working with data objects such as Slicers, Textbox, Charts, Images etc in Power BI reports

Paginated Reports

Creating and formatting Paginated reports

Publishing Power BI reports

Configuration of settings to publish Power BI reports


Duration:  20 – 30 hours (3 – 5 days)


Physical / Online / In-house


Per Student: INR 2500 (3 days)/ Rs 4000 (5 days)

Per Batch depending on batch size (with assured 20% discount for batch size of 20 and above)