Truck O Truck

Truck O Truck

Turnaround Trucks Faster 

Truck o Truck is a management and monitoring system for ensuring faster turnaround of trucks.

Faster turnaround of truck results in 

  1. Serving increased customer base
  2. Ontime service delivery to customer
  3. Efficiency of drivers
  4. Efficiency of trucks

Truck O Truck is  for Truck Owners or Truck Associations interested in managing their fleet effectively and efficiently.

Truck O Truck key roles in the app


 Online booking

 Better Control of loading & unloading by sender & receiver of the Customer

 Real time status of truck

 Ability to cancel & make new booking

 Ability to rate the trip-drivers & vehicle
 Admission Reports



 Ability to Engage in trip with or without smart phase

 Receive online assignment with customer, sending & receiving details

 Ability to turnaround trucks faster and be ready for the next booking

Logistics Manager

  •  Manage available fleet effectively based on booking, planned & unplanned
  •  Contract vehicle/driver as needed to meet customer demand
  •  Coordinate to minimize loss of business by adjusting trip timings with customer based on turnaround
  •  Truck Progress of trucks for ongoing booking
  •  Maintain vehicle, driver mapping.
  • Inspect vehicles
  • Manage preventive, demand and crisis maintenance information of vehicles
  •  Quote for unspecified costs in bookings
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