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Employees / Business Owners / Management Students

What is taught?

  • Excel 101- Introduction to Excel

    • Working with Worksheets Ribbon Options,
    • Basic Excel Features, Fill Options, Sort & Advance Filter
    • Absolute, Relative and Mixed Reference     
    • Order of Operations (BODMAS Rule)

    Conditional Formatting

    • High Light the Cell Rules
    • Top/Bottom Rules
    • Data Bars & Icon Sets

    Functions and Formulas – Working with Logical and Arithmetic Operations

    •  Logical Functions (IF, OR, AND & Nested Ifs)
    • Date functions Like Dated IF, DATE, EDATE, EOMONTH
    • TEXT Functions, Financial Functions, Information Functions
    • Aggregate and subtotal functions

    Analysing and Validating Data

    • Validating Data, Understanding Data Validation
    • Creating a Number Range Validation, Drop Down List

    Data Consolidation

    • Consolidating Data from Tables, Grouping & Subtotals
    • Testing a Validation and Drop Down List
    • Creating an Input Message, Error Message

    Data Management

    • Goal Seek, Data Table & Scenario Manager


    • Using the VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP Function
    • Match & Index Functions

    Pivot Table and Chart

    • Creating Pivot Table and applying Classic Layout view
    • Formatting & sorting a PivotTable
    • Using the Classic PivotTable Layout
    • Creating Pivot Charts and applying its tools
    • Applying Slicers & Timelines, Grouping Data, Summarising    Values in Grand Total %, Row & Column %, Difference ()
    • Creating Pivot from multiple tables and Sheets
    • Slicers and Timelines

    Merging Excel

    • Merging Excel in PPT and Word


Duration:  8 hours (1 or 2 days)


Per Student: INR 1,000

Per Batch depending on batch size (with assured 20% discount for batch size of 20 and above)