Our agricultural advisory services help in promoting environmentally sustainable production techniques, and coping with the effects of disease and climate change that affect agriculture.

Case Study: Consulting and Programme Management Engagements

Athmanirbhar Krishi


Meark offered Services on Consulting, Project Management Services and interface with various government agencies for the delivery of Athmanirbhar Krishi App under the leadership of Principal Scientific Adviser to Government of India.

The app integrates data from various government agencies and provides farmer’s farm location specific information.

Data Source
Weather & Weather based Information Indian Meteorological Department (IMD)
Land surface Information, Vegetation Index & Crop Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
Soil Type and Soil Health Department of Agriculture Cooperation & Farmer Welfare (DACFW) And The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)
Surface Water (River/ Reservoir/ Canal) & Ground Water National Water Informatics Centre (NWIC) Includes Central Ground Water Board (CGWA)


Meark offered Consulting and Programme Management Services for Kisanmitr  platform  built under the leadership of Principal Scientific Adviser to Government of India encompassing the following phases.

  • Repository of agricultural technologies 
  • Repository of livestock technologies 
  • Repository  and engagement platform of agriculture-related scientific research and technologies, yet to be made available for Mass production
  • Supply-chain network for niche (nutritional, medicinal, aromatic, organic, GI tagged) agricultural products cultivated by farmers on the fringes – Himalayan Bazaar. Demand-side comprised of charitable trusts and retail aggregators.
  • Athmanirbhar Krishi – For  farm specific information to farmers and appropriate insights with data on weather, crop, soil and water.
  • Agriculture related financial technologies
  • Kalamitr – Allied businesses of farmers categorized as 6C’s Construct, Capacity, Create, Channel, Connect, Capital
  • Facilitation of International Collaborations

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