Ensuring the right people consume the rightful fund at the right time.

Fundark is a fund allocation and disbursement management system that facilitates for authentic fund consumption by individuals and organizations providing fund based service to Individuals.

Fundark provides for provisioning of funds to identified members

  • Fund Types
    • Healthcare funds for Citizen Groups
    • Livelihood Enhancement Funds for Citizen Groups
    • Student Funds
      • Student Fee Reimbursement Scheme of State or Central Government
      • Student Scholarships from Industry
      • Scholarships from Alumni/Society
      • Stipend
      • Concession
      • Subsistence Allowance
    • Internship/Apprenticeship Funds
  • Student Lifecycle Stage that attract funds
    • Admission
    • Post Admission as Student
    • Withdrawal of Admission
    • Transfer
    • Dropout
    • Apprenticeship / Internships as Student or Alumni
    • Alumni
  • Fund Claims
    • Individuals
    • Organization Providing Service to Individuals

Client Scenario of a Sailor’s Society


A defined fund is periodically assigned to Sailors. Sailors can visit hospitals aligned with the society for their medical needs. Expenses for doctor consulting and medicine requirement can be recovered by the hospital from the defined fund. Society has challenge in ensuring fund disbursed is consumed by the intended Sailor and the visit details of the Sailors are recorded on time.


Implementation of Fundark provides the opportunity to communicate to sailor’s as soon as fund is allocated. While fund is utilized for the Sailor, the hospital has to confirm with the Sailor via Mobile App/ SMS, to be able to consume the fund.

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